ESN proudly presents: Social Inclusion Days!

ESN Finland blog - Mon, 04/12/2017 - 20:50

A blog post by Daniela Mård, National ExchangeAbility Coordinator.

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100 years of Finland´s independence - Together!

ESN Finland news - Sun, 26/11/2017 - 23:38

The year 2017 marks Finland’s 100th anniversary as an independent state. It is an important year for Finland full of events created through joint efforts. The anniversary year generates actions, experiences and an extensive programme of events. It is seen and heard across the country throughout 2017. Through these actions, we reflect on the past 100 years of Finland’s independence, assess its present and explore its future. 

ESN Finland is celebrating the Centenary of Finland's independence by collecting #100reasons to come on exchange studies to Finland!

These reasons are intended to promote Finnish education and culture, and are posted on ESN Finland's Facebook page during a period of 100 days every day from 28th of August till the Independence Day - 6th of December. You can find all of the reasons in our Facebook album.

Reasons are collected from former and current exchange students, international students, as well as anyone interested in telling more about Finnish culture! Let's celebrate #Finland100 together!

Find out more about #Finland100:

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“I heard the unfinished story of a Finnish woman...”

ESN Finland blog - Sat, 21/10/2017 - 15:43

A blog post by Petra Hannus, National Training Coordinator of ESN Finland and President of ESN Vaasa.

"As a newbie ESNer, I didn’t know anything about Eduk8. It took until NP Otaniemi (autumn 2015), when Lucas Opperman and Stanislav Staněk held a presentation plus that I also approached them with my questions, that I finally understood it better. Non-formal education, learning from each other, developing soft skills, and better understanding ourselves, some key words that really spoke to me."

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Eduk8 - a journey full of adventures

ESN Finland blog - Wed, 11/10/2017 - 17:48

A blog post by Marjut Jalkanen, former ESN Jyväskylä and ESN Finland board member, Eduk8er and the Community Manager of the international Eduk8 team.

"I can point out three really good decisions that I have made in my life: 1) joining ESN, 2) joining ESN for the second time, 3) applying for a spot in Eduk8 Starter. I don’t know which one of them was the best."

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ESN Academy Sarajevo: How to make ESN more inclusive

ESN Finland blog - Sun, 17/09/2017 - 16:50

A blog post by Sajed Rabbani (ESN Joensuu).

Social inclusion: What can we (ESN) do about it? – Yes this was topic of this year’s ESN Academy which was held in the beautiful city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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NP Herwanta

ESN Finland news - Wed, 13/09/2017 - 09:32

Welcome to ESN Finland’s National Platform Herwanta!

We will gather in the beautiful Hervanta, Tampere on 13.-15.10.2017 to meet for plenaries, workshops and of course to hang out with your favourite ESNers.

The fun starts at 5PM on Friday and ends around 3PM on Sunday, so make sure to tank up on sleep beforehand.

We will have at least 3 spots per section.

The participation includes accommodation (on the floor inside Tampere University of Technology, bring your own mattress and sleeping bag), food during the event and the social program (real teekkari sitsit yay! And sauna, so bring the most important item a hitchhiker can carry around.)

According to our statutes the agenda will include at least the following:

Opening of the meeting; 

Election of the chair, secretary and two scrutinizers;

Legality and quorum of the meeting; 

Approving the agenda for the meeting;

Presenting the financial statement. The financial statement includes: the annual report, profit and loss account, balance sheet, appendixes and balance sheet specifications. The report and statement of the operations auditor are presented;

Approval of the financial statement and release of the Board and other accountable persons of liability; 

Election of an operations auditor and a vice operations auditor.

Statutes amendments

Standing order amendments

Election of a Web Project Administrator


A more detailed agenda as well as all the needed documents will be sent to the LRs closer to the meeting.

Participation fee is 45€/person. Every section has three spots guaranteed, but you can register more people and provide the board with a priority list in case there will be more open spots to distribute. Please register through the following link:  The deadline for registrations is on Friday 29.9. 23:59 CET.

Please note that according to our statutes it is mandatory to participate in every NP or delegate the section’s vote. Every section will need to provide the NB with the delegation form. Please send the delegation forms by Thursday 12.10. to and bring the physical copy with you to the NP. You can find the delegation forms from here.

If you have any questions, you can always send us an email to

Hope to see many of you in Tampere soon!

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