Cindy is our lovely mascot, our dearest beaver... 
Well, she is a bit chubby and also quite hairy,
But we just love her way too much!
So much that she ended up in our humble logo! 
She is so popular and several poems were written for her, for her appettite and hair (that's just how she is)...
Cindy has a Facebook account too so you can be friends with her ;)
(Following poems were written by exchange/Finnish students for Cindy):


Cindy - damn - I love you 
I met you first at an international dinner,
I’m so glad that you are not thinner.
Whenever I see you eat your food,
it always puts me in the mood.
Your eyes so blue, your beaver teeth so big,
I fell in love with you so quick.
When I saw you in the course,
I wanted you on all fours.
When I see your fur so hairy,
I always feel so merry.
You hug and kiss me so well,
it’s like you put me under a spell.
Rakastan sinua, Cindy.


To Cindy, my heart 
My sweet hairy beaver,
your body is like perfect art,
when I think of you I get the fever.
You are the only food I need,
don’t give me hugs, but sex indeed.
Five awesome months we spend together,
our international love will last forever!
Your love,
What, what…
(beatboxing in the background)
Cindy the Beaver,
gives me some fever.
Even she’s hairy,
she’s not scary.
Her love is my food,
like for her the wood.
Through international hug,
get some sexual luck.
Beavers are hairy,
water is blue.
But will you me marry,
so that we can be 2?
I’ll give you food,
international food,
keep you in the mood,
we can live in the wood.
Even though I saw you hug,
that old slimy slug,
I will forgive you,
Cindy, I love you.
Beavers are hairy,
water is blue.
But will you me marry,
so that we can be 2?
O’lala Cindy when I see you mouth
I suddenly know I want to go south.
Since there your hair is shiny and long
and there would like to be my dong.
Beaver, Beaver, oh hairy Beaver.
Give me a hug with your cleaver.
Beaver, Beaver, oh international Beaver.