ESN Aalto is the local section of ESN Finland and ESN International as a whole. We arrange events mainly for exchange and international students at Aalto University, but we welcome everyone from Aalto whether they are studying through Erasmus or not. Also Finns are warmly welcome.

You can find information about our events on our Facebook page.

Also, join our group on Telegram with this link for perhaps the most handy way to get our updates:

ESN Aalto’s board for 2023 is:

  • President: Mohammad Shahidul

  • Vice President: Hammad Hassan

  • Secretary: Marie Sourroubille

  • Local Representative: Jonas Kirner

  • Outreach and Partnerships Manager: Sol Park

  • Treasurer: Thuy Määttä

  • Marketing and Communications Manager: Dawar Hussain

  • Events Manager: Minisha Dwivedi

  • Trips Manager: Ashutosh Singh

  • IT Manager: Mohammad Shahidul