How to get an ESNcard?

Follow these steps to get your own ESNcard and secure some awesome benefits!

  1. Purchase the ESNcard online:
  2. Visit an ESN Aalto help desk to pick up the physical card. The help desk times and locations are usually announced on our Facebook page

Note! Please take a small printed photograph of yourself with you, because ESNcards are only valid with a photo attached on the card.

Why would I need an ESNcard?

The ESN card gives you significant discounts on all events and trips organized by ESN Aalto as well as plenty of deals all over Europe including Ryanair, GLS, Tomorrowland and more! For more information about discounts offered with the ESNcard, check

With the ESNcard, you automatically become a C-member of ESN Aalto and get access to multiple benefits and discounts!