Want to go on a journey and make friends with international and Finnish students at the same time? Well then come have an adventure with ESN Aalto at Treetop Adventure Huippu in Leppavaara, Espoo.

"There’s no better way to find excitement, the thrill of testing your limits and the joy of succeeding than swinging in your harness 60 feet above the forest floor. The courses and rocky prominences give you a splendid view across the entire recreation area, and you are sure to enjoy the speed of our zip lines, some of which are more than the length of a football field. "

We will set a meeting place and head there together by bus or meet us there at 14:00. The price for entering the adventure is 24 € per student or 21.60 € if more than 10 joins, so be sure to invite your friends and lets have a blast together! :D

15/08/2015 - 14:00 to 16/08/2015 - 13:45
Seikkailupuisto Huippu, Veräjäpellonkatu 15
24 € (21,60 € if more than 10 joins)
  • Everyone is invited.