ESN Aalto presents "Dinner in the Dark"

Join us for a unique blindfold dinner filled with excitement. Get to know new friends while guessing a three-course meal made of secret ingredients. A one-of-a-kind experience awaits.

During the dinner, you will be able to engage your other senses, as your sight is temporarily impaired. Our team has meticulously planned a range of exciting activities and entertainment to enhance your experience throughout the evening.

We kindly ask the participants to bring a scarf or something to cover their eyes. Come and join us for dinner in the dark!

The afterparty starts around 21:30 and is free of charge!

Get your tickets here:

WHAT: Dinner in the Dark
WHERE: Otaranta Club Room (OTR 8B)
WHEN: 5th Feb, Sunday (18:30)
HOW MUCH: 8€ with ESNcard, 10€ without ESNcard
MAX 30 people, but for afterparty everybody is welcomed!

05/02/2023 - 18:00
8€ with ESNcard, 10€ without ESNcard