The next meeting of ESN Aalto will be on 10.3.2014 in JMT 10 H Common room. You can come and hear how we work and maybe even join up as an active to get to experience a bit of a different side of ESN :)

Things that will be discussed:

Past events
- Cantina test day 24th of February
- Lasertag 26th of February
- 5th of March Laskiaistiistai
- Lapland on 3rd to 9th of March

Upcoming events
- Parliament 12th of March
- PoBS
- Sitsit
- Aussie club

- Flyer
- Promo video

Association Matters
- Approval of new actives
- Tablet & POS system!
- Spring meeting

Financial matters
- Recipts

Communication matters
- Web page

Other matters
- National Platform
- HYY cooperation

See you there!

10.3.2014 / 18:00
Jämeräntaival 10 H Common Room
  • Everyone is invited.