In an effort to help you check as many countries as possible as "Visited" we are hopping on a ferry and going to Tallinn, Estonia. Upon arrival, the kind members of ESN Tallinn will take us on a tour of the city sharing with us its secrets.

In the city you may go wherever you desire but we've also the possibility of going to an establishment as a group.

The ferry leaves Helsinki on the 15th in the morning at 9:00, and you should aim to be around 1 hour early, as the boarding closes 30 minutes before departure. The returning ferry from Tallinn is at 18:30.

Buy the tickets at
The price is very cheap, at the moment, 10€, but is likely to go up soon, so act fast!

How to participate: Just buy yourself a ticket for the afforementioned date at Eckeröline and sign up here:

A group, recognizable by the ESN flag, will leave Otaniemi together at 7:30 from the Aalto University metro station. You can also catch us up at 8 at the harbour(Länsiterminaali T2).

For further information, contact ESN Aalto or Felix Bartsch :)

15/04/2018 - 07:30 to 16/04/2018 - 20:45
Eckerö Line, m/s Finlandia