Are you ready to find your inner Barney Stinson and try lasertag? Now it’s your time to come and play some lasertag with ESN Aalto!

We’re organizing a game of lasertag on Wednesday 24.9 at 18:45 at the Megazone arena in Helsinki. Lasertag is played in a dimly lit, fog-filled, multi-level arena where players are provided with high tech vests and awesome but harmless laser guns. Players then try to score points by deactivating other players’ vests and destroying their bases.

We will have three teams of 12 players (in total 36 players). Since the space is limited and the number of ESN Aalto active members is already enough to build a strong team you should be quick to buy the ticket! The price is 8 € with the ESNcard and 9 € without it.

You can get your ticket at our help desks and events. The ticket sales will open:
- Thursday 11.9 at 11-12 in the Alvari lobby in the main building in Otaniemi
In case there are tickets left, we’ll announce when you can get the tickets later.

24/09/2014 - 19:00
Megazone, Energiakatu 3
8 € with ESNcard, 9 € without