To welcome the new students to Finland, ESN Aalto posted info posts during the orientation week to shortly explain who we are and what we do. You can find all these posts below.


Orientation week info #1

The spring semester has now officially started and on behalf of ESN Aalto, I would like to wish all new and returning students warmly welcome to Aalto! ESN Aalto is a non-profit organization whose aim is to make your time in Finland the best possible. Our events and services will introduce you to this lovely country and you will meet tons of amazing people!

Our board members will be posting some basic information about our organization and about what we do during this week so follow our posts. We hope to see yo all in our events this semester and wish you all a great start to the year!

Best regards,
ESN Aalto President


Orientatation week info #2

ESN Aalto is the local section at Aalto University but we're part of a huge Erasmus Student Network, found in 16 universities in Finland and in 37 countries across Europe! Every country has a national board and additonally, there is an international board. ESN works under the principle of Students helping students.

Find more info about ESN Finland at and about ESN International at

In Helsinki, there are four ESN sections. So don't be surprised if you see the other sections: ESN Uni Helsinki (University of Helsinki), ESN Metropolia (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) and ESN HELGA (HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences).

Best regards,
Anja - ESN Aalto Local representative & Vice president
Jenni - ESN Aalto Vice local representative


Orientation week info #3

ESN Aalto organizes tons of different events and everyone's invited! Our events range from sauna nights and parliament visits to cottage weekends and trips to beautiful Lapland. There will for sure be something for everyone. Find all our events in our Facebook group throughout the semester. Our first event is already this Sunday when we are organizing a Welcome sauna (

Our bigger trips this semester are to Saariselkä in Lapland, St.Petersburg in Russia (visa-free) and the crazy cruise to Stockholm. Sign-up for Lapland and St.Petersburg is already next week on 15.1 at noon! Be fast ;) We are also preparing a brand new trip to Tampere to visit our fellows there. More info in the separate FB-events.

Best regards,
Maël & Meri
ESN Aalto Event coordinators


Orientation week info #4

ESNcards, FREE SIM-cards, badges..what's that all about? Check out these awesome services below:

- ESNcard: a kind of a membership card which you can use to access all the discounts offered by our section, ESN and our partners, all over Europe! More info on Get the card already at the orientation (5 €)! Please fill in this form to speed up the process:
- DNA SIM-cards: Thanks to the cooperation between ESN Finland and DNA, we are able to provide you all with a free DNA prepaid SIM-card. It has one of the best rates and you will also be able to get a data package for it.
- Badges: You’ll be seeing lots of students walking around in different coloured overalls depending on their guild, decorated with tons of badges. ESN Aalto has its’ own badge which you will be able to buy!

Best regards,
ESN Aalto Treasurer


Orientation week info #5

Wondering where you can find the info you need about ESN Aalto, our events and all our services? Here's a summary of our most important communication channels:
- Facebook group with e.g. all our events:
- Facebook page with posts about current matters, also on national level:
- All the info you need about our section, ESN as a whole, our events, etc...
- our google calendar with all event dates:
- e-mail to the board:
- our profile on AYY's site, including event dates:

Best regards,
ESN Aalto Communications manager


Orientation week info #6

Would you like to make your stay in Finland even more awesome? ESN Aalto has a great group of active members who help organizing events and with other smaller tasks and now it's your chance to join! Active members also get special benefits such as priority registration, special member events and the possibilty to join events on the national level.

Our active members consist of Finnish students, international degree students and exchange students. Being in Finland for just one semester is not a problem, ESN will make your stay even more awesome!

Join us by coming to one of our general meetings (always posted on Facebook about a week ahead) or contact us even before if you have any questions. Our board and active members form a wonderful group and you won't regret joining!

Best regards,
ESN Aalto PR manager


Orientation week info #7

Have you met Cindy, the mascot of ESN Aalto? This lovely beaver can be found every now and then at our events and she is the pretty face on our logo. You can also find Cindy on Facebook (

Apart from the board and Cindy, our section also consists of a group of awesome active members. They do a great job with helping the board with events and other tasks. Find us all tonight at the Welcome sauna at 7 pm in Rantasauna!

Best regards,
ESN Aalto Secretary